Monday, November 7, 2011

Five of Life's Little Surprises

Trailride with Humberto, western Honduras highlands. Nov. 6, 2011. Photo Credit: Brian Atkinson

 Today's little blog share comes from a weekly electronic newsletter I subscribe to   (The 77% Weekly   The 40/52-weeks-a-year, spiritual-religious newsletter.)

 This week's newsletter was an excercise that I've filled out and shared below about time travel to a younger, surprised self. 

Imagine you could travel back in time to visit yourself at half your current age.  That is,  today you go back to talk to you when you were half your age.
I want you to think about how you at half your current age reacts to finding out how your future unfolds.

What five things about you NOW would be most surprising to you THEN?  
  1. ___________________________
  2. ___________________________
  3. ___________________________
  4. ___________________________
  5. ___________________________   
I doubt any of us would have predicted our lives to be exactly (or even remotely) as they currently are.   

We delude ourselves, wanting to believe that things do not change so much. But, they do. We do. All things change - including us.  
(Moreover, those people who you stopped talking to a few years back, they too have changed.)

My five things about me NOW that would be most surprising to me THEN (if I travelled back to myself at age 16):

     1. I'm something called a 'professional agrologist' instead of a vet.
     2. I can play guitar and sing infront of audiences, and love it.
     3. I have yet to own any pets in my adult life (except for an ill-fated fish and a borrowed bird that was somewhat less ill-fated).
     4. I embrace femininity and enjoy dressing up in high-heels, makeup and nail polish occasionally.
     5. The love of my life is both younger and shorter than me, and we speak Spanish to eachother 100% of the time. 

What are your life's surprises?  Have you let go of some of your life dreams to make room for others? I still wonder about the life of a vet sometimes and I'm thrilled I can play guitar! The love of my life is pretty sweet too! ;)


  1. I'd say that you are a very lucky woman.......congratulations!!

  2. OMG, I wish I had see this about a month ago when you posted it!