Monday, October 24, 2011

When you die you will NOT become an Angel.

So, in honour of my first day back at work, I decided to attend today's Monday morning meeting.  Some of you may recall, these are devotionals (God meetings), not "let's discuss business improvement processes and operations" sessions as you might expect in Canada.  Admittedly in my 9 months here, I have skipped all but a few of the devotional sessions because the content really pushes me far outside of my comfort zone.  I'm reading a book right now however, called, "One Life, One Meeting" that teaches you to enter discussions and interactions with a beginner's wonder, and to never close down to what other people are saying.  In other words, go into situations open-hearted, and see if you can't learn something new.

Today's devotional was all about angels (according to Christian religious tradition).  What they are, how they work, how to call upon them, where they are referred to in the Bible, and importantly, what they are not.  For example, if a small child dies and someone tries to comfort the parents by saying, "It's ok, now he/she is one of God's little angels."  This is WRONG.  Apparently, humans never transform into angels and vice versa.  They may now be spiritual beings, but the deceased never become angels.    If you ever want to call upon angels for help there are strict protocols and hierarchies to be adhered to.  You won't be calling upon the angels that hang out around God's throne, you will be calling apon the angels here on earth.  Furthermore, you should never try to contact an angel directly (nor one could presume "friend" them on Facebook).  You must ask God directly for help from His angels and He will delegate accordingly.  Angels don't take orders from humans, only God.  So those New Age books with repugnant titles like "Contact your Angels" are say the least.  Further, it's not good enough to just ask God, you have to ask God in the name of Hey Zeus, otherwise...wasted prayer.  Damn,  that is a lot of protocol. 

It was super interesting, really.   I concentrated hard on remaining open, even if parts of the message took me way out of my comfort zone (agree to disagree, agree to disagree, agree to disagree...).  I also gained some new religious vocabulary which will probably be helpful in these parts. 

May we all connect in our own special ways with the God(dess) of our understanding.

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