Monday, November 28, 2011

The Knot & Tying it in Honduras

La Feria en La Ceiba, May 2011.
Today while searching "Wedding Checklist" I came across a website with 3 main, highly stylized pages:  The Knot, The Nest, and The Bump.  Everything a type-A woman of the western, English speaking world needs to plan every last detail of her linear steps from singledom to motherhood.  I simultaneously "ooooooh"ed and cringed.

As some of the 99% are occupying Wallstreet and beyond, and questioning our chosen forms of commerce and oppression, I'm downloading Excel spreadsheets that contain every triviality imaginable, related to consumer-style weddings.  It's the infection of consumerism in every part of our lives, every celebration we have.  Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine's, buy, buy!

Problem is, how do I seperate the triviality from the necessity?   Ask me to get a spoiled or fearful horse into a trailer, I'm your girl.  Ask me about wedding traditions and expectations, do's and DO NOTs...well I'm a wedding virgin with very little experience in this girly realm.  Do I REALLY need a "going away" outfit with accessories?  Do I have to get the groom a gift (isn't that me???). Seriously.

Fortunately, Humberto and I are going to be celebrating this big event with our friends and family in Honduras. There are just some extravagances that won't be possible here....whoopy!  There will however, be other adventures I am sure.  For example, I fully plan to put  "Donkey ride to the church."  in the transportation section of our budget.

The adventure continues. ¡Viva la revolucion!


  1. OMG!!! Congratssssssss!!! I was wondering in what part of the world you were these days...
    Honduras is not that far, I am actually working at a neighbours farm right now and my colleague is from Guatemala, got to practice some spanish.

    How exciting! Hope you are too warm now that we got snowed already!

    Estelle, the new Canadian settled in Cape Breton (Yeah I got the permanent residence!)

  2. If you need ANY help, I'm your girl. I drove my Dad's truck,with bare feet, with my drunk husband back to the farm at 2 am after our wedding. Don't need a "going away" outfit when you are the last ones leaving ;)Had to go back the next day to find shoes, Perry's jacket (and his tie in the tree outside....hmmmm?) Enjoy it, and do what you want. Don't listen to anyone. This day is yours and Humberto's. Period.

    XOXOX Love Shel

  3. Estelle! Congrats on getting your permanent residency! It's cold here too, 15 degrees Celcius...brrrr ;)

    Humberto and I are both aggies, so we hope to be doing farm work and extension in Canada and Honduras!

    Shelly, thank-you so much for your wedding "do it your own way" encouragement and support from afar!

    XOXO to you both and all the other well wishers!

    Estamos en contacto,
    Gaetane Daniela